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CreateAI with Thunkable

With tools like OpenAI's ChatGPT we now have access to an incredibly knowledgeable if not perfect assistant. The race is on to build software on top of OpenAI or other LLMs-- software that leverages the powerful assistant.


Software creation in this world is mostly limited to experienced software developers who know Python or some other textual coding language.  However, emerging visual coding languages like Thunkable now allow those with no coding experience to build AI Apps.

Never coded? No problem. With this CreateAI course, you'll learn to build AI-powered apps with Thunkable.  You can build your first AI app and have it running on your phone within an hour. Within a few sessions you can build your own custom versions of these  sample apps

The course is led by University of San Francisco Professor and Author David Wolber. His passion is teaching beginners and empowering everyone to create software and AI.

You'll need a free account at, and an account with credits for OpenAI's API. You'll be instructed on how to get started in the first tutorial. Do it-- don't let AI control you, control AI! AI for the people!

1. Chat with Socrates. Code this chatbot app to familiarize yourself with Thunkable and the OpenAI block. No coding experience needed. Coding: event handlers, calling functions, if-else

Customize -- make your own AI chat app

2. Chat with Ella Baker.  Code this more sophisticated chatbot. It generates sample prompts and followup questions for the user.  Coding: variables and lists.

3. Talk with Ella Baker in Spanish. Add Siri-like capabilities with voice recognition, text-to-speech, and translation. Coding: advanced function calls.  Coming Soon!

4. Unsung Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement. Create a history app that lets the student chat with multiple figures from the civil rights movement. Coding: spreadsheets.

5. Debate App. Build an app with Karl Marx debating Milton Freedman and... you! Coding: Text Processing Coming Soon!

6. Generate a Quiz App: Build an app that generates a multiple choice quiz on any topic. Coding: Lists, indexing, sophisticated logic. Coming Soon!

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