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No Code Tools

Visual coding tools, also known as "NoCode" tools, are exploding creativity and productivity in organizations.  Software can now be created by "non-coders" without involving IT or hiring expensive software engineers! The tools are great for creating scripts, automations, complete apps, and prototypes.

This site focuses on a particular NoCode tool, Thunkable, but we'll also provide tutorials and information on other emerging tools.

Data-First App Builders

Tools such as Bubble and Adalo take a data-first approach: you design some data tables, then the tool helps you build your display and input screens. The tools don't provide generalized standard coding constructs like if-else and repeat loops, so you are somewhat limited compared to Thunkable to text languages. They are great, though, for building straight-forward database applications.


Automation Tools

With automation tools like Zapier and Make, you don’t build web pages or apps, you automate processes that you’d otherwise have to do manually. The tools let you connect your existing applications with “when do” event handlers. The events in this case are things like “when an email with subject line including ‘order” arrives”, and actions are automations of typical user actions such as adding a row to a spreadsheet. Zapier claims that “People Who Set Up a Zap Save an Average of 4 Hours Their First Week”. After trying the tool, I believe them.

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